The Truth about Honesty

The truth about honesty
By David Smith November 4, 2014

An old retired vet taught honesty to me;
A lie that he regretted in his youth, you see;
He was a young officer and fresh off the press;
Visited an aunt in England for a little bit of rest.

A cute young boarder was attracted to his eye;
And he told her tales and stories, and more than one little lie;
He loved her dearly and she loved him a lot;
He dropped her like a hot potato from the tangled web it brought;

He did not know for certain if she loved him for what he was;
Or for the tales and stories, that caused a little buzz;
His aunt could not understand how both got so hurt;
All because of dishonesty, he was the lying jerk;

Being dishonest with a woman, to be something you are not;
To be the fabrication, or the truth within, that we have got.
If he only told the truth he would know for sure;
If the love was genuine, so all could endure.

He lived to be over ninety, and his past is laid to rest
An old retired vet, his wisdom I love best.


One response to “The Truth about Honesty

  1. If I’m not mistaken, we have at least four things in common! We’re both Commissionaires, both write poetry, both struggle to play the guitar, and both attended the performance of Willy Wonka Jr. at Princess Elizabeth Public School in Welland back in 2010! (and if your grandkids attended any book clubs or writing groups at PE between 2009 and 2013 then I know them well and can attest they are great kids – for they all were!)

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