Inspired by Top Dawgs

Inspired by Top Dawgs
By David Smith March 18, 2015

Top Dawgs they call it, as people take shape;
Grunting and groaning for change to take;
The clanging of weights and sounds of determination;
As people work out with great dedication;

A rewarding feeling to give your all;
A physical challenge as enthusiasm grows tall;
Heavy breathing and panting and feet on a roll;
The sweating machine activated; as an hour takes its toll.

To be glistening in sweat; an accomplishment to find;
An hour on the elliptical to pass the time;
That’s to have lived! to appreciate the break
As sweat stings the eyes and lungs do ache;

An hour on the elliptical for breathing control;
What an experience to have reached your goal.
Top Dawgs, they call it, as members take shape;
Grunting and panting and increasing the weight.

Thanks be to determination and building a sweat;
A place to develop, personal growth to get;
Top Dawgs, to activate a vision
Physical activity, what I’ve been miss’en


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