Tribute To Rick Lundy

Tribute to Rick Lundy
By David Smith April 12, 2015

The first president of this Honeymoon City Toastmasters Club
Here in Niagara, the centre of the hub
Rick Lundy, his reputation is clear;
He speaks with conviction
Table topics without fear;

Developed poise and charisma for promotion in his trade;
A Police Inspector, his career to be made.
The distance he came over the years that he joined;
At the Division Level, a champion is coined
It is no accident, he excelled, in impromptu so grand
Focused on determination, a foundation to stand

Principles of Toastmasters, with stage time he stood
A living example, a belief that he could
No need to envy him through accomplishments he earned
Copy his character, the passion that burned
That is the fuel, the internal blaze
The nervous energy, fuel for our days

Observing his mannerism, that spark of life
The abundant energy blasts though the strife
We are proud of Rick for his goals he attained
Controlling nervous energy, we too, can gain.


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