Electricians in the Electrical Closet

Electricians in the Electrical Closet
By David Smith March 25, 2015

Like shooting pool, the angles to observe;
Bending pipes as they have a unique curve;
To conceal wires from one floor to the next;
Drilling holes, I feel perplexed.
An art unto itself, an electrician of skill,
A bit of carpentry, and trig, and precision, the thrill,
Being mechanical, with that electrical spark,
An electrician can make a brilliant mark;
Skills from all directions come together,
It can be shocking in rainy weather,
Watching an apprentice learn his trade,
As cuts in the floor are precisely made;
Here I sit and see it all;
Electrical connectors fastened to the wall.

From floor to floor and down we go
The electrical pipe is a fluid flow;
From ceiling to floor, measurements are made;
Even the floor tile needs to get laid;
Each floor has its character, as electricians prove their skill;
Connection boxes waiting for their fill;
Static wires to work around;
As bit through concrete is an unpleasant sound;
What a satisfaction to work each floor;
See the uniqueness and challenges in store,
Each floor is different,
Each angle to tune,
The concentration, the think- tank in the room;
It’s truly a classic as floors descend;
Skills of a technician to comprehend;

Cannot figure out his protractor on a stick;
How the tradesman applies the angle as his trick;
But to see the results as pipe slithers down the wall
Over crooks and crannies where wires fit so small;
It is fascinating to see trades people at work,
To bend hollow steel as they control the jerk;
Fastening pipe in place and all from floor to floor;
All the little measurements behind a secure door;
To demonstrate their skill to bend that hollow pipe;
We too have a skill to be part of life,
What we have to offer as gifts to truly share
With each and every one of us, our skills to compare.


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