Mechanics of an Office Building

Mechanics of an Office Building
By David Smith March 25, 2015



Imagine, being on a ship on the penthouse floor;
Like a great-laker going through the locks once more;
The constant hum, all noise, and vibrations too;
At the penthouse, the sounds, to me are new;

That is what’s fascinating how the pipes twist and turn;
Elbows and joints and arrows a concern;
The flow of liquid while the engines hum;
Gigantic pumps and how they run;

And a partial hush as a motor cuts out;
But it’s all in the hardware that is thrust about;
And stairs that wind and turn;
Through the maze of twisted pipes,
What man did learn!

All that noise to keep an office building running smooth
Think of the technology, building inspectors approve;
That’s an observation, a powerhouse to see.
Behind the posh offices,
How engineering impresses me.


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