Feel The Fear and do it Anyway

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway
By David Smith May 30, 2015



Feel the fear and do it anyway,
The title came to mind.
To step forward in faith and leave the comfort zone behind;

Afraid to public speak and a passion to be on the world stage;
To exercise a voice, as experience comes of age
Abnormal Fear of heights and held back because of fear
The Sky wheel on Clifton Hill, emotions become so clear

To be petrified, like speaking to a group
And on a Ferris wheel, the same emotion with each gigantic loop

Two separate physical activities
With the same invisible pain
That step away from comfort, the confidence we can gain

That is to have lived
To do in spite of fear
Overcoming challenges accomplishment held so dear

Feel the pain and do it anyway
Public speaking is my choice
Extreme heights may be dangerous
Study the anxiety, and then rejoice

PS If fear is the only factor go for it.

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