By David Smith June 16 2015

Chairs under the skylight, an emptiness within
All those chairs of comfort, no one to sit in
O it is an emptiness with vast amount of space
To fill the void, a loneliness we face

It all stems within as loneliness starts to dance
The wear and terror of nerves as anxiety starts to prance
O those comfortable chairs so empty and alone
It’s to look within, why i am on my own

In a public place, the furniture goes untouched
And all from within loneliness hurts so much
How to fill the void, myself to really know
Change is from within for attitude to grow

The invisible has to change and un- denying life
Putting foundations under dreams and overcoming strive
As chairs go by unseated, like a heart that is unloved
It’s the invisible handicap, an attitude to shove

The guests come and go and chairs empty and fill
But to look within, to change; my greatest thrill


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