Passion to be Expressive

Passion to be Expressive
By David Smith July 2, 2015
(From a retired soldier)

Fear of being rejected, greater than fear to express.
Keep Opinions to a minimum, to avoid an emotional mess.
Drill movements were in harmony, as the sergeant-major set the tone
To march as a human machine, the commander’s voice to own
With only one head, on the parade-square, where individuals, fell in place
And the band set the tempo, past the reviewing-stand, we face.
All done in order, and pride was flying high
Keep opinions to yourself, as the inspection-officer, marches by
And that was a life, to please the superiors, no doubt.
Retired from the military, my uniqueness demands to shout.

How to embrace uniqueness, and individual thought
And express in poetry, opinion is what we’ve got.
So to see the struggle as individuality wants to grow
Expressing an opinion, there is a fear that we all know.
To get back to infancy, children, they express
And being genuinely happy, they see life, O so fresh
To go back to childhood, a learning tool we got
And to re evaluate life, with all the love it brought.
Passion to be expressive, to march to a different drum
Individual thinkers, the diversity we become
O to have the confidence, as kids try something new
Passion to express, to keep from feeling blue.


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