Picture the Electrical Closet

Picture the Electrical Closet
By David Smith July 7, 2015

A hot summer day with stifling heat
Being in an electrical closet
Bitter coldness at my feet
With refrigeration technicians in a room so cold
The hum of the air compressor and gages so bold

Hoses connected to the heat pump
Tool box composed of a pack sack so plump
Like an octopus as hoses attached to valves and pipe
Just an observation as heat and air conditioning fits right

Heat pump that did not function as it should
Reading the gages like we thought it would
The pressure was off, the refrigeration was cold
To adjust the pressure enthusiasm began to fold

What a challenge to harness a machine
And get it functional to be really keen
What an accomplishment, as skills come together
What job satisfaction to control the weather

Observing heat and refrigeration pumps working fine
Sign of a tradesman His talent does shine
Thanks be to hiccups to hone your skills
Persistence in life, is the greatest thrill

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