David Smith July 28, 2015

Just the way he acts, and he did not say a word;
At the front of the Hall, His behaviour was heard;
The only one holding paper over his mouth;
It’s his uniqueness, which is reason to shout
He mixes from a distance, his presence is grand
Moves with enthusiasm, there is something about his stand

There is always that space between him and the rest of the crowd
Of coloured crayons, he is a brilliant loud
Even in silence, he shines so bright
A loving kid, his heart is right
Recites the scripture, perfection he demands
Hard on himself when vulnerability lands

A boy who cares and can’t quite get it right
His enthusiasm, participation, shows his outgoing might
Admire his grit, and the standards he grabs hold
It’s his imperfections where he becomes uncontrollably bold
To learn to lead and when to follow
Learning from children, they are far from hollow.

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