Inspired by Skilled Workers

Inspired by Skilled Workers
By David Smith August 7, 2015
The poshnes in the court house
Justice so and so on the door
The dismantling of a bathroom
Like termites on the floor

Tradesmen pull the room apart to repair and preserve
With the discipline of ants to get around a curve
Elbow grease is pronominal in tight quarters to work
Functioning on teamwork to control and to jerk

Doors off the hinges and furniture in the hall
Trades people work, physical activity is their all
To be precise with length, and depth, and height
And sawing in the basement, power looses might

The blowing of a circuit and breaker switch is found
O to be a tradesman,
Knowledge is profound.
Veneer strips ironed on plywood we saw tonight
Precision cutting, skills the tradesmen get it right

With or without steam as iron was applied
Carpenters and painters, a trade with eyes opened wide
What an honour to see skills come into view
The talent of tradesmen
To see it fresh and new


One response to “Inspired by Skilled Workers

  1. The skill required to make such an dirty and everyday task people take for granted sound wonderous and beautiful is nothing short of astonishing.

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