Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man
By David Smith November 3, 2014

Up at the market he’s there every week
A man of distinction with cane by his feet
At eighty-five determined to live.
Exercise regularly with passion to give.
A man of distinction with Marines under his belt
A Lieutenant-colonel, and his dedication, I felt

Twenty-five years, a service that is long
He saw action where his experience shone.
Did not know him in his younger day;
A man of purpose, what he had to say;
Spoke with conviction and his character played the part.
Talked of the Marines and how he got his start.

Elderly people, fascinate me
Gems of knowledge, far as I can see;
They may be old and wrinkled, and some in constant pain;
They live their life with meaning and share what they have gained
Tap into that resource
Living history of course

To know where we are going, we need to know the past;
The elderly bridge that knowledge to make history last;
That is my joy and helps define me;
The elderly people, their accomplishments to see.


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