Cornwallis Passion: Recruit Training

course 7228 cornwallis 001Cornwallis Passion: Recruit Training

By David Smith September 29, 2015

Cornwallis they call it. The emotions cut deep.

Spray starch and ironing and fear that’s unique;

Inspection by beds, as instructors on a roll;

Eyes that penetrate, though the very soul;

The coldness, the fear, afraid to speak;

The yelling, the marching, a demanding retreat;

The snap of attention, as a platoon clicks together;

Being part of the group, regardless of whether;

That’s to have lived. To adapt and excel;

All that turmoil, an experience to tell;

Forty-five years later, the memory’s alive;

Though the darkest tunnel, to graduate and thrive;

Cornwallis, they call it; a victory within.

Where change took place, military life enters in.


One response to “Cornwallis Passion: Recruit Training

  1. It really captures the atmosphere of basic training.

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