Playing with my Grandson

Game Playing with Grandchildren
By David Smith October 6, 2015

(he is five years old and teaches me)

So you want to play got’em as I poked his cheek so soft;
He got all excited, with the emotion that it brought;
His finger like a knife,
And into my stomach that it jabbed;
Playing got’em was not fun
The receiving end that grabbed;
In playing games with grandchildren, as they continually grow;
It’s me that has to change, Like I need to know
That’s how we learn, our lessons in life;
All on how to shuffle and deal with all the strife;
To appreciate the youth, guide them along the way;
All experience living and grandparents grow and play;
So to connect with grandchildren as they continually mature;
Relationships evolve, though love we all endure


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