Blue Jay Game and the Electrical Closet

Blue Jay Game and the Electrical Closet
By David Smith October 15, 2015

In the electrical closet listening to the game
With all the hardware, the torch and the flame
Pressure gauges and hoses and ladders inside
All that pressure in a closet to abide
Doing a job and listening to ball
The compressors are vibrating as the Jay’s give their all
The game and the closet, a sweat box, no doubt
It’s all employment,
Will the Jay’s be without?
Refrigeration and cooling and components to remove
The purpose in the closet, to keep temperature in the grove
With errors and outs and what we hear
The seta-lean torch has its fear
Now, three, three as the work evens out
Then runs batted in, what life is all about
Back to the closet, tradesmen hone their skill
Just like the Jay’s what a wonderful thrill


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