Tradition of Christmas

Tradition of Christmas
By David Smith December 2015

The Tradition of Christmas with snow and ice
And bitter cold, where hot chocolate will entice
Now it’s the norm where Christmas is green
And global warming, where breath goes unseen

The tradition when I was a boy
Now, no snow at Christmas to only recapture that joy
Hated cold with a passion when I was young
Walked to school at forty below
As rosy red cheeks stung

Snow crunching under feet, the toboggan squeaking in the snow
Those cold days of winter, weren’t too long ago
Yet it was winter, and winter fun was in place
All the old Christmas songs
A unique season we could face

With the change in weather, it is rather sad
When I could skate with my then, young mom and dad
I hated winter and its harsh cold sting
It was refreshing for a new year to begin
Did not know I missed it, till it was gone
The cold winter days where the snow brightly shone.


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