From a Girl to a Mother

From a Girl to a Mother
By David Smith December 14, 2015

A baby girl to kiss and hold
To be part of her life as time starts to unfold
Plays and scrapes and sports and woe
Becomes a woman as time would go

Graduation: and that dress of Prom
Eyes are opened: my baby is gone
Walking her down the isle so sweet
Pride of parenthood is rather neat

Having a husband, dedicated and true
And her children she cherishes too
To be part of the cycle of life
Appreciate NOW as the present comes to light

Treasure of children and grandchildren the mix
Form a girl to a mother a love that is fixed
Tears of joy and pleasure and pain
Raising of children, maturity we gain

Form a girl to a mother, she matures in her time
Dedication and love where harmony does rhyme


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