Typing Words of Power

DSC00612Typing Words of Power

By David Smith March 5, 2016

Originally typed on Smith Corona, Silent-Secretarial 1940X Model


The power of the written word as I strike it on the page;

The memory of a sentence as it permanently comes of age.

With all its strikeovers as mistakes come to light.

The manual typewriter, a classic as we write.

And how to write a poem as each individual letter is struck

The classic of a manual typewriter where skill is more than luck

And so I see a machine more than keys and ink.

Documenting knowledge and having time to think.

O a Smith-Corona, the memory it brings back

Tapping out the printed word, a pleasure where it’s at

So I see mistakes, a computer it is not.

O the skill of typing, grade-nine the joy had brought.

That tapping of the keys as each letter takes a hit

Music to the ears as stories start to lift.

Listening to the typing as letter moves along the row

It is more than history, the written word to glow


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