A Manual Typewriter compares to a Grand Piano

A Manual Typewriter compares to a Grand Piano

By David Smith  April 27, 2016


Studying a typewriter and taking a hard look

How letters pop up in the time that it took

Studying a grand piano with all the keys and all

Regardless of size, it’s the principle that’s tall


To be able to type with cadence and step

The rhythmic sentence to give letters their depth

The hit on the keys as the letters they spring

Communication is mastered in everything


Now think of the piano how grand it may sound

The keys and the notes as emotion is found

Instead of typing out letters on the page

It’s the music that’s created to communicate through the age


And some technicians that cannot type

And playing the piano is not quite right

But to have a gift as pianos are tuned

And typewriters prepared to keep them groomed


That’s the similarity the parts and all

Communication as students practice their all



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