Inspired by Ball Hockey Game Ridgeway

DSC00184Inspired by Ball Hockey Game Ridgeway

By David Smith May 4, 2016

The good Ole Ball- hockey game

Raising quite a stink

The odour of a locker room

Hoovers the entire rink


Crystal Ridge Community Centre

All the excitement as parents enter

Ball hockey minus the skates

The kids run around very high rate


They take it seriously like the NHL

As cell phones video, for a story to tell

The sound of the buzzer, the ref with his whistle

The ball is dropped like the firing of a pistol


O the excitement as kids run around

The ball off the boards an aggressive banging sound


Kids look so cute with their feet in a run

Uniform shirts, as enthusiasm is spun

That is the joy to see children expand

To develop character as they grow in this land


Helmets and sticks and a ball on the floor

To run the rink, excitement to adore

The water fountain as cups to the fill

So the players can have their drink and the thrill


Seven goals Ian scored

The game is over the crowd that roared


What an accomplishment when it came to an end

Kids learning skills; a message to send

That’s the picture of the ball hockey game

O the challenges to everyone’s gain.



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