Typewriter ribbon compares to Timeline

Typewriter ribbon compares to Timeline

By David Smith May 16, 2016


As a ribbon winds from one spool to the next

Think of life as it’s very complex

The ribbon, a time line, from infancy to old age

Where the hammers intersect

The present hits the page


The ribbon of life as hammers mark on each line

The intersection where the present is always in time

Each letter that’s hit, the now, we can see

From the past to the future how life intends to be


When the ribbon’s half wound in the middle of each spool

It is middle- age as life is so cool

The end of the ribbon we don’t know when it falls

‘Cause that’s when we are taken when the Lord God calls


And in between where the present always hits

That’s what we document as our life is writ

We choose our words our actions and thoughts

Looking at our paper, we can see what we got


The  paper, the marks, from present moments we see

Documents our history where our accomplishments be

As the ribbon fades and letters become dim

And thoughts are random, and goals become thin

A warning sign that life‘s at a close

The ribbon’s running out, and O how time goes

That’s all she wrote, obituary is what is seen

Between two ribbons on a page so clean


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