Inspired by Armouries in St Catharines



Inspired by Armouries in St Catharines

by David Smith June 23, 2016


The massive size of the drill hall fascinates me

An echo of coldness and discipline to see

The mirror finished floor, the ceiling so high

The squeaking of combat boots as soldiers walk by

It’s exciting to see and reminisce of the past

Being in Cornwallis, the drill hall so vast

The trigger of memory, Standing Orders on display

The armouries in St Catharines, has something to say

The joy to think back to a career well lived

Stored in memory , to the next generation, to give


The drill hall is massive, but what it contains

History of a regiment, two centuries the range

Customs and traditions as a regiment fought

On foreign soil for the freedom it brought

Think of the drill hall, with marches and turns

Discipline and uniform, as a team, soldiers learn

The pounding of the pavement; the quick snappy voice

Civilian to soldier, that is their choice

It is a drill hall, where recruits learn to serve

And denying themselves, adjusting to a curve

The massive size of the drill hall where soldiers are made

Discipline and camaraderie where a foundation is laid



One response to “Inspired by Armouries in St Catharines

  1. David Dubas

    This captures the spirit of the armouries.

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