Inspired by Construction in Welland

Inspired by Construction in  Welland

By David Smith Monday June 25, 2016


It’s wonderful to see tradesmen work as a team

Covering up floors, and taping up the seam

All the different facets, the construction sound

The whining saw, and taping and pound

They measure with skill and pencil in hand

To cover and protect the carpet as they stand


An exactor knife, a scratchy beat

To bend and fold where doorways meet

What a joy to linger on; after midnight as lights have shone

So to work and cut away

The joy of tradesmen

Brightens up the day


Up and under ceiling to find up above

Though the ductwork the tradesmen shove

Dealing with drills and power tools

To find their bearings so interesting and cool

The drill sounds like a dentist’s chair

And no other sound can compare

It’s in a rim so drill is heard

And not seen may sound absurd


Pilot the job, take pictures and all

Ask their supervisor for decisions so small

What’s not seen between two floors

Where electrical and conduit may be in store

Trouble shooting is its game

Having a think tank to not pinpoint blame


This is a picture of what was seen,

From an outsider where the poet had been


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