Drilling Through Concrete

Drilling through concrete

the drilling poem

Drilling through concrete, a story to tell

Picture being in a tooth where a dentist drills quite well

An earthquake all around you,

That vibrating hum

Even the feet tickling, as dust starts to run

That was the excitement on a Thursday night

Drilling holes of precision so construction can go right

The chipping away with a hammer and sledge

Like creating a sculpture, the grinding we dread

That is most interesting, the sights and the sounds

O how it vibrates from all around

He got out his vacuum

He drills as he can

Compared to a dentist, He is the man

Holes in the ceiling or holes in the floor

It’s all in perspective, the tradesman to adore

When it is silent, we wait for the rush.

The hammering and picking,

We wait for the hush

Drilling though concrete a story to tell

Like in a dentist’s office, the memory fits well


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