A Fountain of Tiny Stars

A fountain of tiny Stars

August 8, 2016


A fountain of tiny stars that light up the room

The grinder is spinning, an odour to consume

O the affection of steel against steel

That vibrating hum, irritating and real

The sparks that hover along the floor

Contractors cut steel, the activity to adore

What an experience as noise fills the place

that hum of activity, the workers, they face

The hammer and bang, production on high

A joy to witness, as activity rolls bye

Door on its hinges, and ladders to the ready

The sparks flying high and hammering is steady

Working as a team, the skills that fit

That is the joy, where unity is a hit


Fireworks is spectacular, that funnel of red

Flows like a jet stream, keep clear from the head

Those sparks have a design as they twist and they turn

And disappear, like a black-out, into darkness, we learn

sparks from a grinder fascinate me

It’s friction, and love and what turmoil may be

It’s so beautiful, like emotion’s in place

Dealing with friction and teamwork we face

A grinder in action, living life to the full

Control those sparks, emotions that pull


And out with the torch, where sizzling takes place

Like a blue flash from a camera, welding we face

Sounds like static on the old radio

And construction has a way to go

Helmet in blue, like a goalie in net

Eying the sparks, for the joints to get

It’s all precision, as hands are steady

The hammer banging, and heat is ready

What a joy to control the stress

All those sparks, as we do our best



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