Construction on Tuesday Night

Construction on Tuesday Night

August 9, 2016


The sound of a drill as it vibrates against steel

An annoying sound, and production is real

It’s more than a door, where wires are placed

So security measures will not go to waste

The very minute details as a contractor can see

All facets of the trade that come to be


And then there is parking, parking tickets in force

While tradesmen are doing their duty, of course

Working in a gov’t bldg, and being ticketed besides

A slap in the face, as revenue abides

Loading and unloading in a courthouse takes time

Parked to unload in a space that is prime


Back to production, the sound of the drill

Where electrical wires, the holes that they fill

Always hiccups from one group to the next

Tracks are reversed leaves tradesmen perplexed

Sounds of three stooges, as they come around

To lighten the load where humour is found


Reminds me of plumbing as a snake pulled through the hole

Yet it is wiring as electricians are on a roll

Up and down ladders and wires though the tile

And in the door frames to be anchored for a while

The unpleasant sounds, the side affects to the trade

The specifications of building codes, they have it made


Here come the plumbers from Toronto they come

Tradespeople galore and the Courthouse does hum

Watching the mechanics of a mechanical door

And all the components, wiring and more

Cute little motors to get doors to open wide

And security tight shut, as a pass key does ride

It’s those little gadgets and fine motor skills

That’s the tradesman’s greatest thrill


Like a spider spins a web and how those strands connect

Admire the tradesmen, how fine wires interject

The twisting with the fingers and loose ends are capped

All enclosed in metal, hid from this and that

Tradesmen work unnoticed after  business hours around

It is not as glamorous where showmanship is found

Fortunate to witness the work behind the scenes

Tribute to the tradesmen, what good workmanship means



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