Construction on a Wednesday Night

Construction on a Wednesday Night

August 10, 2016


The painters meet their match, as colours come to a tee

It is like an eye test, with colour that we see

The mill-work making cabinets, and nothing there is true

A little off the angle for another hour to do


O it is precision, to tie up all loose ends

Rooms are taking shape, as the job comes to an end

It’s the finer details, the glamour is now gone

All those sounds of grinding to a quieter sound


The quiet hush of brushes, The filling in the cracks

And the skill of caulking, Finishing touches, where it’s at

The cardreader up a ladder, as connections are in place

And that is the evening, a quiet night we face


See the way she concentrates, around the latch and hinge

The skill within the moving brush, to put on the fringe

O the skill of painting, around glass so clear

All the blemishes on the door seem to disappear


It’s a lot of quiet work as the door is propped and set

All those little brush strokes that are hard to get

Sitting on the floor and painting around the trim

Wiping off the access on the paint-can brim


It is really exciting, the dedication to the task

with brush, and paint and ladder, imperfections that they mask

O it may be quiet, but production is a glow

The work is being done and the lustre starts to show



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