Laying a Floor

Laying a Floor

August 4, 2016


Laying a floor excitement to see

Ceramic Tile, precision accuracy

the cutting of steel, for doorway transmission

from carpet to ceramic, the border in transition

Mixing the mortar, laying tiles on the floor

The energy involved, workmanship to adore


All the prep work to keep tiles in tune

Simple tools to construct, where dedication blooms

the floor, the foundation, workmanship in place

The talent, the tradesmen, new challenges to face


The mix of the mortar, from different bags that they pour

The receipt of a baker, that mind is in store

It’s all in the mix, as skills come together

And water applied for the viewing pleasure


An electric mixer  as the batter is churned

As a blender on high, to mix, that they learned

it’s all in the taste, the quality of the mix

Put on the concrete where tiles are fixed.


The dusting of the floor where water is applied,

So mortar will stick before it is dried.

Mortar swirls on the floor from a trowel in hand

In a decorative manner as finger painting takes a stand


The tools of the trade as an artist in motion

A tradesman with passion and pure devotion

Laying a floor the excitement to see

A tradesman’s touch, precision accuracy



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