Up on a Scaffold

Up on a scaffold

August 11, 2016


Up on a scaffold and combing the wall

A plasterers brush, how it scrapes and all

With plastic tray and trowel in hand

Adding plaster as thin as he can

The scraping sound, a relaxing beat

But it’s the rhythm that’s really neat

Grooming the wall to paint away

and cover the blemishes on this fine day


Tradesmen have a skill, and let it be know

A well kept office as talents are shown

Card-readers on doors and security in place

Look at the office, the tradesmen they face


The painters brush it off, and plumbers get their flush

Very quiet trades where everything is a hush

The radio has its tunes, work being done

Talent comes together, uniqueness has its fun


The hidden talent behind the scene

Fresh plastered walls, durable and keen

The sound of a drill, like a dentist is back

It’s mirrors and fixtures installed on a rack


Look around, skilled Labour has a touch

Behind the scenes means so much

So think of the office, a professional setting

All different skills, the atmosphere we are getting

Up on a scaffold and combing the wall

Tradesmen get the picture, vision over all



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