Tribute to Jay Cochrane: Prince of the Air

Tribute to Jay Cochrane

by David Smith September 5, 2016

Jay Cochrane, the Prince of the Air

No other showman can compare

On high wires and sky wires around the sphere

He inspired millions to overcoming fear

His dream of inspiring millions that way

The need within, turned his night, into day

a desire to perform the greatest feats

Hope, in the lives of children, a desire to meet

His mother took him to the circus and started it all

Humble beginnings, he answered that passionate call

Away to the circus, for his dreams to take hold

He knew his purpose, opportunity was bold

Perfecting everything, on the high sky, gave him might

Soon his name became written so bright

Forty stories high in Toronto by the way

Between two skyscrapers on a tightrope that day

The opening of the Hudson Bay Company store

The crowd let out a victorious roar

The rest is history as he inspired and entertained

Gave children hope, and how they gained

On a tight rope around the sphere

International fame he held so dear

He inspired young and old

Now in history, his name, is told

Jay Cochrane the Prince of the Air

Inspiring others, how can w compare?


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