Rain Falls like Giant Tears

Rain Falls Like Giant Tears

By David Smith July 25, 2016


The rain falls like giant tears

Splash on the concrete like no rain in years

The grass is yellow, sky lights up

A giant cry to fill the cup


Embrace the depression, the clouds are full

The dark sky, where emotions pull

Appreciate the mood, from day to day

Variety of emotion, what feelings have to say


Ride the rollercoaster, to laugh and cry

Run with the feeling, to live and die

That’s what I see on a rainy day

Time to reflect, change direction, by the way

The rain falls like giant tears

Control emotion, to face the fears


The rain bounces off the sidewalk in a thematic tune

Like a steady typing beat, where words start to fume

O it gets annoying, where drips pour away

The thematic beat, has something good to say


Playing in the rain at recess we would go

Wear our coats and boots, where enthusiasm is a glow

Childhood memories of the rain, as pounding soaks the eyes

Memories of childhood, O how time does fly


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