Medical Marijuana Greenhouse Visit

Inspired by Medical Marijuana Greenhouse Visit

By David Smith October 30, 2016

A science-fiction movie as it comes to mind

A trip to Niagara, harvesting in its prime

Through security gates in blackness of night

In the middle of nowhere before it gets day light

White hairnets on our heads and slip-ons over shoes

Through security doors the freedom that we choose

Everything’s on camera, down a long walk way we stroll

Lights put on our foreheads; as through darkness that we roll

Experiences are new, objects glowing in the dark

A tropical smell of vegetation, as darkness starts to spark

Harvesting marijuana and chopping down the trees

With little pairs of scissors, and picking buds with ease

As the morn progresses the sun starts to rise

A forest of many bushes, before my very eyes

Enclosed within a greenhouse, so massive and so wide

Cameras on the posts and nowhere there to hide

Discipline very strict, coffee breaks, I mean

Fifteen minute time limit, precise and very keen

Workers, controlled by pass keys, in and out of doors

Everything is timed on how they do the chores

It is all experience, the aroma is so thick

The smell seems to linger and permanently stick

The blossoms are put in baskets and branches put in bags

Everything’s accountable, with letters and with tags

No pockets on their uniforms, as they work away

Everything is watched so debris won’t go astray

O, what an experience, harvest comes alive

Medical marijuana, so pharmacies can thrive.


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