DSC00612About the Poet

David Smith, was a city parking officer, found his muse in the daily goings-on of downtown Niagara Falls. He began writing poetry about the city to relieve stress. City history inspired bylaw control officer to write poetry. At present, a security guard that has the passion for the rhyme and word. See his observations in every day life. He is a founding member of Rose City Toastmasters.davidselfie

To comment and pass on suggestions please contact theparkingpoet@hotmail.com


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi David:
    I finally got around to reading some of your compositions. You have captured the essence of life in the Falls.
    Keep it up.
    Good luck with your ventures.

  2. Jennifer Robinson

    Hello David, I just met you today in front of Victoria School and since I am a poetry lover myself I had to check your website out. You are quite talented. I think it’s pretty neat how you can take such a stressful job and find the beauty in it. I will be visiting this site regularly to check out your newest work.

  3. Hi David: It was nice talking to you tonight at Linhaven. Thanks for telling me about your website; I have enjoyed reading your poems.

  4. Dmitri Gontcharov

    Nice site. Today’s farmer’s market was good. Again good luck with the speech.

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