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The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror

By David Smith April 20, 2018


The reflection in the mirror through the door I can see

An old man with glasses; Scares the hell out of me

Identification card, clasped to his collar, with ease

Time hits him hard, like a cold fast breeze

Think of the reflection, not a kid any more

Mature and gray, and his duty a chore

His youth it is gone, and memory a dream

An old man, where his childhood had been


The ruggedness of his face, His glasses for sight

The strength in his body, At one time had might

He sits in his chair and takes in each breath

And thinks of his youth, as he’s closer to death

An old man, who has fallen in love

Picks up the pieces, with an optimistic shove

Raised a kid, now a family, and grandchildren take part

A symphony sonnet as emotional as a harp


Think of his life, from the 50’s, no doubt

Into the Twenty-first Century as time turns about

Manual typewriters, to the computer age

Standard transmission to automatic

As technology sets the stage

TVs to lap tops, and dial phones to cell

The change is phenomenal, his time line can tell

Think of his youth, how quickly it’s gone

The love of his ancestors, how his grandparents had shone


The reflection in the mirror, his grandchildren can see

He’s living his life, his experiences that be

Seeing his grandchildren, life travels on

And his generation, may soon be gone

Identification card, clasped to his collar, with ease

Time hits him hard, like a cold fast breeze

Look at reflection, and what we can see

The man in the mirror, what our purpose will be


Old and Young

Old and Young

By David Smith June 13, 2017


The very young and the very old

Come together, enthusiasm to unfold

What a treat where old meets new

Mind stimulation, with bonds that grew

To make sense out of this and that

People with dementia deal where it’s at


Childhood memories come to mind

Old and ridged becomes soft and kind

A day care mixes with a retirement home

Food for thought as ideas roam

Motor skills of children and what elderly go through

What a joy to mix old and new


Visualize how old and young respond

The interconnection how they fit and bond

Remarkable how the mix is great

Young and old meet their fate

The very young and the very old

Create the passion, a story to be told

Inspired by “A Peculiar Walk”

Inspired by “A Peculiar Walk”

By David Smith November 9, 2016


Very mechanical as he walks with his cane

Like an arm on a steam engine, rotates now and again

One hand on the cane and the other takes off

Every step, the elbow breaks into a trot

It’s so mechanical as he chugs along

Walking the sidewalk, like a steam engine, he’s gone

His walk so peculiar, I think of his age

His experiences in life

His perseverance to engage

How he can adapt and walk on his own

As he carries a cane and not a cell phone

To learn from the elderly they adapt and they cope

Their experiences in life may seem remote

But they have lived and continue to shine

Their experiences in life let them share their time

So when I see a peculiar walk

They’ve got the maturity to have their talk