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A Black Leather Bag

A Well Worn Black Leather Bag

By David Smith May 11, 2017



A black leather bag worn with age;

Think of the files, when it is engaged;

The court doors swing open,

Where hearings are met;

That Black Leather Bag,

Where emotions are kept.



The files say it all, as they slide in and out;

The well worn zippers,

As compartments squeak and shout,

Think of the clients, all through the years;

Facing the judge with arguments and fears;



The container of facts,

As scenarios start to spin;

All from the bag,

As truth written within;

The judge sees the bag,

And what it contains;

Duty Council steps forward,

And echoes the refrain.


Landlords and Tenants



Landlords and Tenants

By David Smith April 17, 2016


Landlords and Tenants as they air it out

It comes with emotion and outbursts that shout

The missing of payments and out of a job

The necessities of life, they feel that they rob


It’s sad to listen too, as circumstances state

Yet there’s no empathy on the outcome or fate

Each case is different with its twists and its turns

Mediation of value as some parties learn’


Either side of the fence that within we can see

It’s friction and resentment and what’s in it for me

As a fly on the wall, to listen close

People are hurting, there is nothing to boast


Nerves are on edge as a razor will cut

Hope is so shallow, and esteem in a rut

Landlords and tenants as they air it out

It’s people that care as they’re tossed about


And every week the stories to hear

People are hurting in their world of fear

Through the dark tunnel humility we learn

Circumstances are temporal, success the concern.