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Timeless Classics: Vintage Typewriters

Timeless Classics: Vintage Typewriters

By David Smith December 30, 2017


A modest collection of typewriters on display

My total collection, my passion by the way

That burning desire to study pictures and all

Beautiful typewriters, that keeps me in awe

Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe when I was young

Beautiful glossies as her fame has sung


Studying her moves, like the typewriters I see

The unique composition, that goes beyond me

The classic machine, the keyboard and cover

Sounds and the rhythm, imagination does hover

The smell of the ink, the beat of the slugs

The printed page, imagination hugs


The ting of the bell, an original line

The beauty of Marilyn, a thought that is mine

Classic typewriters, the communication of the age

Thoughts on paper as reality is engaged

What a thrill, a movie star, and typewriters too

Expressing imagination, the passion so true


Vintage typewriters, and composing, the craze

Timeless classics, an eternal age

The eternal beauty of Marilyn Monroe

And vintage typewriters

The passion a glow

A modest collection of typewriters on display

An Icon of history as the past is at play



Famous Writers and Tools of the Trade

Famous Writers and Tools of the Trade

By David Smith July 16, 2017


Famous writers, their typewriters, in demand

It’s not the typewriter, it’s ideas that stand

Whether an Underwood or Remington or Olivetti around
It’s the tool of the trade where marketers abound


Not because of their pen or the brand of the ink

The passion for writing, to express and to think

The tool is not the skill, it’s from the author’s hand

The ideas, the circumstances, to document in this land


Excited by life, to treasure each thought

Capture ideas with suitable tools that we got

It does not matter, about a brand or a name

When writers become famous, their tools become fame


The freedom to think and document a thought

Daydreaming comes alive the power it brought

Writing tools become famous, because of the writer’s flair

The writer, not the typewriter, the value to share


Old School Typewriters and Writing

Old School Typewriters and Writing

By David Smith June 23, 2017


Old School typewriters are coming into play

Fountain Pens and ink are getting the right of way

To get back to basics to bang on the keys

Making loops and tiny circles

As a pen writes with ease


O those basic motor skills

The teaching that we got

It’s the simple letter writing

That I experience a lot

Documenting thoughts and capturing it on a page

O to be an author, and express it on a stage


Basic writing and speaking, just to express a thought

What we learned in school, now I appreciate a lot

All that stress in learning to develop skill

To pass it on to grandchildren is my greatest thrill


Pen and ink and tiny circles, and writer’s cramp we had

The great joy of learning kind of made me mad

Old school typewriters to memorize the keys

Keep those fingers tapping, Thoughts become a breeze


Steam and Technology Museum

Steam and Technology Museum

Hamilton’s First Pumphouse

by David Smith February 22, 20 17


The turbulent power of boiling water and steam

To harness that energy where technology is keen

What a visit on a Tuesday afternoon

Where pressure is an asset as a steam engine is well tuned


O to see a piston as it’s pushed against the force

Valves and vents are open as pumping takes its course

A camshaft like a circle that is a bit off round

It opens and closes valves as pressure is lost and found


As the valves open and close, the piston is push and pull

The maximum efficiency, as chambers get their full

The little toy steam engine where the principle is always the same

Compressed air was used to make simplicity to our gain


O it was remarkable, those steam engines of old

A huge gigantic engine, Living history that is told

Pumping water from Lake Ontario to Hamilton to drink

Pipes berried underground, being practical was how to think

It is remarkable, developing technology from scratch

Now it’s integrated circuits and how much RAM they can match


Basic Skills with pen and paper, and mechanical precision too

Understanding basic Math where technology is true

Physics and geometry have a special place

Learning from life’s history

Overcoming challenges we can face

The Steam and Technology Museum, A slice of life to learn

To enrich our future, Now it is our turn.



If a Typewriter could Talk

If a Typewriter could Talk

By David Smith July 3, 2016


A portable typewriter has a story to tell

Light on baggage to foreign countries so well


Think of operators who caressed the keys

Essays go pubic and bring nations to their knees


O the stories if a typewriter could talk

Famous people and speeches where ideas rock

Expressed in words as a typewriter sounds
The bell the rhythm the enthusiasm all around


Mistakes are made and frustrations soar

To let out emotion with words that roar


A portable typewriter has a story to tell
From a simpler time, when seniors typed well



A Tribute to my Dad

A Tribute to my Dad

By David Smith, June 14, 2016

FrontView of Store

My dad was smart. His limitations he knew

And even his strengths, they were solid and true


A writer he became, his stories were grand

Foundations for many speeches, on Toastmasters I stand

Did not realize his potential till his pen ran out of ink

how he documented history, He really knew how to think

He did not get sufficient praise and credit for what he gave

After he is gone, His memory we can save

The history of the town, the stories of his life

They are tools for learning and overcoming strife

To tap into experiences

people who were made

Pass on all that knowledge, the foundation as its laid

My humble dad did not appear all that smart

His knowledge was written down, the present, a place to start

Now I see his value, the pen is so profound

Documenting history, scenes from all around.

The skill to learn to write, and the discipline to type

Document our lives before we see the night,



The Technicians Work in the Closet

The technicians work in the closet

By David Smith May 25, 2016


The minute details as wires connect,

Placed in holders and then reset

The dexterity of the fingers

Coordination with the eyes

It’s those motor skills, the dexterity, to summarize


To always practice and fine tune the trade

Through awkward moments we have it made

Learning the trade through hick ups and slips

Back to basics to find out what fits

Being mechanical to see the function

That’s the accomplishment to activate the junction


Two spools on the roll like candy canes they spin

To go through the floor and underneath they begin

Threading wire is not a simple task

It’s a wire pull, how long it will last


Every floor has its challenges, Its obstacles and its trials

The contentious tradesmen plug in all the while

Character building in its finest; as obstacles are gone

What joy, what accomplishment, as new light has shone


The conduit is full, wires are tight

From floor to floor they got to get it right

Through the conduit, the passage is slim

Like heavy traffic, it has got to go in

The passage is full, the going is slow

Pulling the wires, the only way to go


That is the struggle, and wiring takes time

Patience a virtue, don’t let anxiety climb

All the communication as wire is past

The work of technicians a breakthrough at last

Repeating the process like weaving a rug

The crowding of wires the harder the tug


Like playing pool with an extension bit

To keep it straight as a cue ball that is hit

That’s the goal to keep align

As the drill and the bit form an imaginary line

Then to shoot as the trigger is gently pressed

Screws go in, is more than a guess

To keep sockets straight and door jams plumb

Still the drill with the noisy hum


Basketball game heard by poet first time on radio


Baseball and football and hockey so fine

The first time in history basketball in its prime

To hear it on the radio on a Wednesday night

Hearing the game didn’t sound quite right

Terminology was different

Foster Hewitt was not there

The play-by-play of the game

Nothing to compare

No downs, no bases, no blue line to hear

Yet the dimensions, the vocabulary was something new to fear

It sounds so different, scoring did not make sense

Yet the Raptors were losing, and Toronto was intense

That’s the connection, the radio on full

Hearing Toronto hand how they can pull.


Comparing Typist to a Tradesman


A Sears typewriter, a manual and all

More than a good deal, poetry so tall

To put in a ribbon and type with keys

Just like the tradesmen as they rap tape with ease

It’s all in the fingers to get tape to stick

Using the pliers as motor skills is the trick


Pinching those wires with pliers in hand

Shoving in sockets where efficiency stands

Just like a typewriter, where coordination is slow

Watching trades people as they give it a go


Seeing similarities from one trade to the next

It’s those motor skills I’m so perplexed

Two different trades to associate with ease

With great flexibility and practice on the keys

The role of a poet where uniqueness is key

And grasping the similarities an enrichment to see