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Passion for Vintage Typewriters

Passion for Vintage Typewriters

By David Smith March 25, 2018


Bought a rhythm touch typewriter off the internet today

What a deal, typing, let fingers, skip and play

It is an Underwood from the fifties or late forties no doubt

The workmanship, the quality, what craftsmanship is about


All mechanical parts, how everything crafted in place

Even the marginal stops, solid steel, levers to face

The sound is secure when the slugs are snapped

No vibrating sounds, as words are being tapped


The steel, the workmanship, on the pre war machines

What happened to high-quality as plastic fills in the seams!

Our ancestors new the trade, the solid and the true

It’s a throwaway society, we are heading too


That solid typewriter from days gone by

Can out-last another generation, as time is on the fly

What of my computer, now old and slow

Only been a year or two, new programmes, to get to know


Think of the workmanship, the quality, our forefathers produced

With ruler and compass and protractor on the loose

Yes, that typewriter, I picked up today

Advanced technology, we lose our potential, by the way




Replacement of Windows

Window Exchange

By David Smith April 1, 2017

Prying slats off the overhang with sledge and crow bar

Up on the scaffold, enthusiasm goes far

Frame work and tubing and contractors arrive

City hall is buzzing like a little bee hive

Discussions and planning, imaginary pictures in place

Waiting for the practical

The real work that they face

Framing and windows, a pleasure to see

Each job is unique how it fascinates me

The mortar is flying, a straight edge between bricks

A cloud of dust, for the windows to fix

Part of dismantling, how windows come out

The framework and panes

What replacement is about

Slicing away the panes with exactor knives in use

Pulling out the windows with minimal abuse

The tap of a hammer, the chiselling begins

It’s all the teamwork where production enters in

It is a treat to see how the scaffold is placed

Adjusted for security, as safety is faced

The silhouette in the window prying off the frame

The sound of a drill, like dental cleaning, the refrain

The tap of a hammer like wood pecker’ s around

The vibes of a saw as a symphony of sounds

All that framing to keep windows set

Now they’re removed for the panes to get

Welding outside and reflection off the ceiling

Those interesting details I find appealing

Suction cups grab and the window is gone

Cold air comes in, and new light that is shone

Atmosphere is chilling, air compressors on hum

The sights and sounds, where enthusiasm comes from

A beautiful design, as sparks fly from the saw

Like a jet stream as stars as the Milky Way, is in aha

A powerful thrust as a long stream as it flows

In front of the saw up high as it goes

What an odour as steel is melted down

The beautiful sparks where a master piece is found

The saw has a beat as it rotates and it spins

Cuts through the bricks and that sharp piercing with in

It has a rhythm and a hypnotic tone

That plays while it cuts and an unpleasant moan

An atmosphere of construction as it buzzes along

That rhythmatic beat as it sings a new song

It depends on the wheel and the softness of the brick

That sets the tune as sharps and flats do the trick

Music in the air and the sounds of the season

And the grinder throws the sparks

And construction is the reason

The saw has a beat and cuts a mean edge

Music with the hammer and the chisel and sledge

The harmony of togetherness as windows are changed

Unique skills of people

Fill in the range

That s what s observed at city hall this day

Replacement of windows as transparency is the way

The red rusty dust as it rises from the wall

The grinder shaves the bricks for the fitness over all

The steel beam has to fit for the windows to take hold

Tradesmen work courageously as their story is told

Up on the scaffold and a gene helps lift that beam

Where size is a help to fit in the groove so keen

It’s all in the workmanship that heavy materiel too

Making every movement count

As precision is added through

Seeing the dust rise from the wall

Think of the discipline to prevent a fall

It looks like a peacock in the darkest of night

As the sparks were flying so full and so bright

Very decorative, the night sky and the glow

Work after dark, the shadows to know

Reaction time slower; the timing is off

Its security of the building, workmanship is on top

They work like miners with lights on their heads

And through the dark evening a hard time to tread

Windows fit the frame and the building secure

Vacuum and cleanup, patience to endure

Observations at a Construction Site

Observation at a Construction Site

Weekend of Dec 4, 2016

By David Smith December 5, 2016

They’re building walls and structures like a jail

To control the dust, the noise and the gale

Framework and curtains to tear down the walls

A dirty job; the tradesmen have balls

Cutting through chip rock and the mess to come

Preparing demolition, construction has begun

Preventive medicine, the tradesmen work away

The heartbeat of the office to function on the work day

Nights and weekends behind the public scene

That is the think-tank, what the tradesmen mean

Calloused hands and feet, as hammers and ladders play

Fear of heights does not get in the way

Aged and persevere as they plod along

The youth of today have a different song

They are building walls and structure on a temporary course

For a strong city hall to withstand the force

A light beam!

Not just a beam, but a beam of light

That cuts through the darkness and bounces so bright

Reflects off the walls, and ceiling and floor

Acts as straight edge with precision to adore

Masking tape follows the beam

The foundation for structure as framework is seen

As tradesmen come in and hone their skills

A joy to sit back, my greatest thrill

Technology comes alive to keep everything plumb

Teamwork and togetherness greater than its sum

Swinging up the drywall to attached to the frame

Measuring and cutting for the tight fit to gain

Tradesmen are nimble, time on their knees

Cutting and measuring as life is a breeze

Swinging up the dry wall and pivoting in place

Like a ballet with finesse and accuracy and grace

That sheet of dry wall moved in and out of place

Finally accepted, as a tailor would face

The drills and the noise where everything is square

And talk of a shoe- horn for a quick slip to compare

The bang of a hammer, the drill with a beat

Moving the ladders challenges to meet

Tradesmen work hard in elements of weather

Even in buildings close quarters come together

Admiring architecture and structures around

Precision accuracy, tradesmen are found

What is this?

A little scrap of steel like a gas pedal that I see

It has got a little groove and it puzzles me

Fits over top the boot, and the groove has a place

Holding up the chip rock to slide into space

All done with leverage, and what it’s telling me

Placing heavy objects with maximum efficiency

All these little gadgets have a special place

All the skilled tradesmen, technology they face

Way up high

The strain of the ladder against the weight

As chip rock is supported and it fits great

The screw nails drill in with an irritating hum

Onto the next section as production starts to come

As each section is completed the atmosphere does change

The room closing in, the walls are to gain

What a different view from the morning that we saw

Framework filling in as tape covers up the flaw

That’s my report from the weekend we see

What hard work and preparation is telling me

Up on a Scaffold

Up on a scaffold

August 11, 2016


Up on a scaffold and combing the wall

A plasterers brush, how it scrapes and all

With plastic tray and trowel in hand

Adding plaster as thin as he can

The scraping sound, a relaxing beat

But it’s the rhythm that’s really neat

Grooming the wall to paint away

and cover the blemishes on this fine day


Tradesmen have a skill, and let it be know

A well kept office as talents are shown

Card-readers on doors and security in place

Look at the office, the tradesmen they face


The painters brush it off, and plumbers get their flush

Very quiet trades where everything is a hush

The radio has its tunes, work being done

Talent comes together, uniqueness has its fun


The hidden talent behind the scene

Fresh plastered walls, durable and keen

The sound of a drill, like a dentist is back

It’s mirrors and fixtures installed on a rack


Look around, skilled Labour has a touch

Behind the scenes means so much

So think of the office, a professional setting

All different skills, the atmosphere we are getting

Up on a scaffold and combing the wall

Tradesmen get the picture, vision over all


Laying a Floor

Laying a Floor

August 4, 2016


Laying a floor excitement to see

Ceramic Tile, precision accuracy

the cutting of steel, for doorway transmission

from carpet to ceramic, the border in transition

Mixing the mortar, laying tiles on the floor

The energy involved, workmanship to adore


All the prep work to keep tiles in tune

Simple tools to construct, where dedication blooms

the floor, the foundation, workmanship in place

The talent, the tradesmen, new challenges to face


The mix of the mortar, from different bags that they pour

The receipt of a baker, that mind is in store

It’s all in the mix, as skills come together

And water applied for the viewing pleasure


An electric mixer  as the batter is churned

As a blender on high, to mix, that they learned

it’s all in the taste, the quality of the mix

Put on the concrete where tiles are fixed.


The dusting of the floor where water is applied,

So mortar will stick before it is dried.

Mortar swirls on the floor from a trowel in hand

In a decorative manner as finger painting takes a stand


The tools of the trade as an artist in motion

A tradesman with passion and pure devotion

Laying a floor the excitement to see

A tradesman’s touch, precision accuracy


Construction on a Wednesday Night

Construction on a Wednesday Night

August 10, 2016


The painters meet their match, as colours come to a tee

It is like an eye test, with colour that we see

The mill-work making cabinets, and nothing there is true

A little off the angle for another hour to do


O it is precision, to tie up all loose ends

Rooms are taking shape, as the job comes to an end

It’s the finer details, the glamour is now gone

All those sounds of grinding to a quieter sound


The quiet hush of brushes, The filling in the cracks

And the skill of caulking, Finishing touches, where it’s at

The cardreader up a ladder, as connections are in place

And that is the evening, a quiet night we face


See the way she concentrates, around the latch and hinge

The skill within the moving brush, to put on the fringe

O the skill of painting, around glass so clear

All the blemishes on the door seem to disappear


It’s a lot of quiet work as the door is propped and set

All those little brush strokes that are hard to get

Sitting on the floor and painting around the trim

Wiping off the access on the paint-can brim


It is really exciting, the dedication to the task

with brush, and paint and ladder, imperfections that they mask

O it may be quiet, but production is a glow

The work is being done and the lustre starts to show


Construction on Tuesday Night

Construction on Tuesday Night

August 9, 2016


The sound of a drill as it vibrates against steel

An annoying sound, and production is real

It’s more than a door, where wires are placed

So security measures will not go to waste

The very minute details as a contractor can see

All facets of the trade that come to be


And then there is parking, parking tickets in force

While tradesmen are doing their duty, of course

Working in a gov’t bldg, and being ticketed besides

A slap in the face, as revenue abides

Loading and unloading in a courthouse takes time

Parked to unload in a space that is prime


Back to production, the sound of the drill

Where electrical wires, the holes that they fill

Always hiccups from one group to the next

Tracks are reversed leaves tradesmen perplexed

Sounds of three stooges, as they come around

To lighten the load where humour is found


Reminds me of plumbing as a snake pulled through the hole

Yet it is wiring as electricians are on a roll

Up and down ladders and wires though the tile

And in the door frames to be anchored for a while

The unpleasant sounds, the side affects to the trade

The specifications of building codes, they have it made


Here come the plumbers from Toronto they come

Tradespeople galore and the Courthouse does hum

Watching the mechanics of a mechanical door

And all the components, wiring and more

Cute little motors to get doors to open wide

And security tight shut, as a pass key does ride

It’s those little gadgets and fine motor skills

That’s the tradesman’s greatest thrill


Like a spider spins a web and how those strands connect

Admire the tradesmen, how fine wires interject

The twisting with the fingers and loose ends are capped

All enclosed in metal, hid from this and that

Tradesmen work unnoticed after  business hours around

It is not as glamorous where showmanship is found

Fortunate to witness the work behind the scenes

Tribute to the tradesmen, what good workmanship means