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The Ceiling

The Ceiling

By David Smith May 5, 2018


The eternal circle above my head

The architecture, the ceiling, as thoughts keep me fed

That circular shape helps the public flow

Up to reception and around they go


Eying the ceiling with pocket lights enclosed

It is relaxing as adrenaline flows

To keep anxiety on a healthy plane

The circular ceiling is an emotional gain


That’s the hope in a waiting room

Where tension is high and outbursts can boom

Staring at the ceiling, like watching the sky above

A soothing affect, as life’s problems shove


That circular shape helps the public flow

Up to reception and around they go

The circular ceiling above my head

Controlling thoughts, how the mind is fed




depression is the Artists’ fuel for success

Depression is the artists’ fuel for success

By David Smith July 20, 2017


Listen to the heart beat, the musicians’ tune

Excited on the stage, then alone in their room

The roller-coaster ride comes down after a gig

Agony and depression, like a prison with a lid


Beautiful performers that give their all to a crowd

Fall in love with the audience, that heart beat so loud

Then the quietness, the drop of the tears

Alone and depressed drained of life’s glorious cheers


Being an artist on that roller-coaster of life

The fuel for success in front of an audience so bright

Listen to the heart beat, alone off the stage

The agony of loneliness, where tears are engaged

Listen to the heart beat, the musicians’ tune

Excited on the stage, then alone in their room

Old and Young

Old and Young

By David Smith June 13, 2017


The very young and the very old

Come together, enthusiasm to unfold

What a treat where old meets new

Mind stimulation, with bonds that grew

To make sense out of this and that

People with dementia deal where it’s at


Childhood memories come to mind

Old and ridged becomes soft and kind

A day care mixes with a retirement home

Food for thought as ideas roam

Motor skills of children and what elderly go through

What a joy to mix old and new


Visualize how old and young respond

The interconnection how they fit and bond

Remarkable how the mix is great

Young and old meet their fate

The very young and the very old

Create the passion, a story to be told

Why I Hated School

Why I hated School

By David Smith May 10, 2017


Why I hated school and that unbearable pain

To go there every day and face abrasiveness again

Why so much anxiety, and why I hate it so

Feeling so intimated in a classroom row


Afraid to even speak, confirmed how stupid that I am

Yet smart enough to realize eventually, I can

Putting things in order and phonics was a chore

Being so discouraged and stare upon the floor

Reading not a pleasure, and printing cramped my style

Making tiny circles, writing became worthwhile


Teachers had to teach and I had to learn

Just like Push and Pull, conflict my concern

Afraid of teachers from the start,

And nightmares that I had

Piercing voices that went through me

The emotion made me mad


Having a short attention span

and  fidgety in class

A very short-term memory

Frustration would always last

And simple things in order,

In left field I would find

Connections unrelated, as I pass the time


Learning was a chore,

Now a challenge, I see

Facing trials and difficulties

Makes a healthier me

To step out of my comfort zone

And have that added stress

To develop, and grow for complete happiness


No need to be beaten up

With failures and disappointments too

Developing coping skills,

Trials that I worked through

Why I hated school, hits the nail on the head

To use that burning passion, so others can be led

Boredom is an asset

Boredom is an asset

By David Smith December 1, 2016


If kids can only realize being bored is part of life

To sit back and breathe the air with splendour and with might

Enjoy the boredom.  The flowing of thoughts

In digesting life, what our experiences, have brought


Being bored is the best way to be.

To search within for fulfillment, an eye opener to see

That is the joy, to be bored, and entertained

Tap within, a resource, on how we gained


What makes my personality tick? My accomplishments and fears

And being bored, that pause, can have fulfilment to my years

Take the time to study deep,

Our complex nature, for our desires, so sweet


Being bored is wonderful, to smell the coffee, no doubt

Studying internal thoughts, where desires come about.

Continually being active, no time to digest

To appreciate life, for complete happiness

If kids can only realize being bored, is a pause

To be comfortable in their skin is reason for applause


Medical Marijuana Greenhouse Visit

Inspired by Medical Marijuana Greenhouse Visit

By David Smith October 30, 2016

A science-fiction movie as it comes to mind

A trip to Niagara, harvesting in its prime

Through security gates in blackness of night

In the middle of nowhere before it gets day light

White hairnets on our heads and slip-ons over shoes

Through security doors the freedom that we choose

Everything’s on camera, down a long walk way we stroll

Lights put on our foreheads; as through darkness that we roll

Experiences are new, objects glowing in the dark

A tropical smell of vegetation, as darkness starts to spark

Harvesting marijuana and chopping down the trees

With little pairs of scissors, and picking buds with ease

As the morn progresses the sun starts to rise

A forest of many bushes, before my very eyes

Enclosed within a greenhouse, so massive and so wide

Cameras on the posts and nowhere there to hide

Discipline very strict, coffee breaks, I mean

Fifteen minute time limit, precise and very keen

Workers, controlled by pass keys, in and out of doors

Everything is timed on how they do the chores

It is all experience, the aroma is so thick

The smell seems to linger and permanently stick

The blossoms are put in baskets and branches put in bags

Everything’s accountable, with letters and with tags

No pockets on their uniforms, as they work away

Everything is watched so debris won’t go astray

O, what an experience, harvest comes alive

Medical marijuana, so pharmacies can thrive.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction
May 1, 2015

Financial advisor: bankruptcy declared
Personal circumstances vulnerability was aired
Broadcasted around, a career on hold
Gambling addiction becomes so bold;
To harness the energy
The temptation within
All are vulnerable
The secure line is thin
Paths to the casino
The glitter and hope
Marriages fail, like hanged from a rope
To shake the addiction like shifting through gears
And double clutching in debt to our ears
The end is near with loved ones we fail
No money in savings to pay for our bail
Seeing casinos with glitter and hope
The house takes the money
Shattered dreams now to cope