The Farmer’s Market

The Farmers’ Market

By David Smith August 29, 2009


The market’s getting crafty;

It has its gems of life.

Some look like little chick lets;

Well polished and so bright.

Woven together, some with wire or thread

The artists are finely schooled;

The knowledge they are fed.

At night they make their wares;

And bring it in for sale.

The Farmers’ Market of colour;

With others we compare.

So we see the peaches,

The plumbs and tomatoes too

Now little gems of value.

Always something new.


4 responses to “The Farmer’s Market

  1. theparkingpoet

    On Aug 29th we had new vendors. A group of women make jewellery and sew it together with thread or wire. Sell it at the Market and call it a craft.
    Now it’s the harvest where fruits and vegetables are in full swing. Join us at the Farmers Market at Sylvia Place here in the Falls.

  2. Clara Mignelli

    Hi Dave, just thought I would let you know that I checked out your site and read your poems, they are lovely. Keep it up it is a nice karma to leave the Universe. Maybe we will see you at Market soon. Clara and Carmen Mignelli

  3. Hi Dave! It’s me Phyllis…we met on the street ( I better watch what I say lol) October 2nd when I was sitting on the bench by the Crown Plaza and I asked” Are you going to give me a parking ticket for sitting” and you just laughed. Thats when you told us about your poetry writting
    and a little about yourself. so….I had to check out your web site…..I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  4. Great poems, Dave! Very inspirational. It’s a wonderful talent you have; keep doing what you love.
    – Jamie

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