The last thrill on ice

The last thrill on ice

By David Smith February 9, 2009

The joy of a family to take a grandson for a skate;

To feel young again and think you highly rate.

To picture yourself when you were young and alive;

Skating the Rideau Canal, being youthful and thrive.

Now to take my grandson to the rink;

That edge is missing as I sit back and think.

Muscle tone was lost. Feet, could not control.

Was not long before on an unhealthy roll.

Twice on the ice like a pancake, I fell.

Once on the back and on my front I could tell.

A broken wrist and tender ribs in pain,

The thrill of skating; a victory I gained.

To show love for grandchildren, to come up with different ways;

Knowing limitations; a victory that pays.

O to be injured, out of love for the kids.

A very special joy to be active and to give.

Participate with children; give it all you can;

What I learned from my injuries; only maturity can understand.

Retired my skates, my youth, with no regret;

The last lap on the ice, the satisfaction I did get.


3 responses to “The last thrill on ice

  1. Marta Branco-Hatfield

    Hey David,
    getting better and better all you are writing… so much to read and enjoy (I can eve picture some ideas as I read your poetry).
    Keep going….

  2. valleycrosser

    hey David, I put the skates. Is it what you liked to?

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